Friday, July 9, 2010


Come to E.g.etal to see the beautiful work of Japanese born, Melbourne based, Yuko Fujita.
Here is a little more info on this wonderful exhibition, Kodama, opening on the 15th July...

Melbourne jeweller, Yuko Fujita, is transforming recycled objects of distinctly domestic and ordinary origins into bold pieces of jewellery. Discarded and all but forgotten, the wooden objects used by Fujita were retrieved from thrift shops and friends’ cupboards.

Fujita’s pieces will herald a new beginning for these objects, while consciously reflecting on the many lives they may have had since beginning as a tree. Careful not to erase the memory of previous incarnations, Fujita is carving and chiselling each object by hand. In doing so, she will use texture and colour to highlight the adaptability and eternal beauty provided by nature.

Responding to an inaudible echo of the forest (Kodama), Fujita’s pieces recall imaginary plants, creatures or endangered habitats. This uplifting collection of jewellery resonates with ancient themes and traditional materials while producing work that is powerfully contemporary.

Kodama (return to me) will be launched on Thursday 15 July from 6pm to 8pm. Register your details on the e.g.etal mailing listto receive an invitation.

The exhibition is being presented as part of the State of Design Festival Look.Stop.Shop program.

Exhibition dates: July 14 – 31

Exhibition design: Katherine Bowman

Born in Japan, Yuko Fujita first studied literature and then became interested in the stories and dialogue created with jewellery. In 2005 she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT.

Yuko’s pieces are realised through a reaction to her materials - sometimes spontaneous, other times they evolve slowly while she allows the materials time to ‘communicate’ with her. At which time she is guided to manifest obscure images into sculptural jewellery. 

By giving free reign to the interplay between the fundamental qualities of material, texture, shape and colour, Yuko creates pieces that are intrinsically hers. Each piece is a tribute to her very personal and charming way of observing the world.

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